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the search is on

so im looking for a house and a car and im starting a new job so everthing's gonna be all freshness around here. except for the stale boyfriend. ah. he cut his mohawk again just as his hair was getting long. and he looks like a nazi again. im so unimpressed. so so unimpressed. just when he was getting pretty again. but i have to quit smoking when i move in with my parents again in-between houses. aaaaaaaaaah. i havent even started to quit its shit...
i got wasted with kara on friday which was funny as. shes a trashy little girl, we drank a whole goonbag between us without even noticing, but i was waaaaaaay fucked. and i went home pretty early, caught the last tram back to the city then walked home in the fucking torrential rain. which sucked but yeah... kara and snoph got kicked out of the espy hahhah. trashbags.
i love coming to my parents place to eat all their food. im gonna get all fat again. dammit.
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