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just kickin back

coheed and cambria are cute. im just farting round singing too loud and being a little snotty.. my belly hurts. im not gonna do journalism next year cos i decided 3 years is way too long for me to commit to. hehehe. i want this house i saw today. mm hmmm. im gonna fucking get it dude. nah. i doubt it. i wont ever get a fucking house. ill have to live in footscray with dooz and peanut and handie and get my ass pummelled in the wee hours of the morning. o yeah. i almost lost my ass virginity. hehe. fuck that hurt. hahahahahaha. the guy at centrelink cracked onto me again. hes weird as. i said i made 800 bucks and theyre still paying me. thats fucked up. but i kinda like it. hehehe. im going off the pill so i can be a dirty pub mole again and stop wigging out and being all hibernation cos ive been fucked since march and thats 5 months and thats more than half me and dale's relationship and i feel guilty that im the headcase and im fuckin round with his little puny mind. bah. i just wanna be maggotty and get annoyed when i have to leave pony at 7. hahaha.
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