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mr bounce is here to stay

yep. thats the new boy. hes on my left arm, in all the jiggly brilliance. i got rob to do it and yeah it was cool to catch up with him and stuff. he tattooed lance the other week and said that lance squealed more than me. hhaha. i only squealed twice. it was pretty good, waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the last one on my ankle, i think thats the reason i waited so long to get another one. but i cant wait for my next one. im gonna have sleeves now, i decided. i think ill get a smurf next. hahaha. smurfette? perhaps. dunno. i got a few random things i want on there.. not working much this week which is kinda gay cos i want cash and i get bored... im trying to organise my ass and figure out what i need and get a real budget into gear for england next year. im thinking of fucking off in april. me and dooz would have been together for a year and a half, if were still together.. in 2 weeks i met him a year ago. woah thats crazy. hes pretty. i took him to deans marsh and he thought it was retarded as. which it is. we went to the shop and the skate park, woo mad shit.
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