Ghetto Smurf (loudmouthtart) wrote,
Ghetto Smurf

well well well

so im blowing the dust off my livejournal. and updating whats happened in over a year..
so. i have the most beautiful boy ever. hes a retard. very special that one. haha. hesa called kenny and he rocks. hes 6 foot 2 so he makes me feel like a little kid cos he picks me up off the ground all the time. he makes me laugh. a lot. hes very silly. very rad. hes almost perfect for me!
life's pretty good. kinda boring, just going along well. i moved into my parents rather large new house in richmond to save money to go overseas. im going ok at the mo got 3 grand. which is more than ive ever saved in my life by about 3 times.
im getting my eyes lasered next week! holy shit. scary scary.
work is ok. my boss thinks im awesome which is cool. i dont really do that much except be an idit but everyone is rad to work with. i love my silly girls. and occasional boys.
well imwaiting for meredith tickets. hope i get some. doesnt look so good though..
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