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American journey

Soo almost 1 week down on the american tour. Going pretty goodso far. 3 days inHawaii and 3 days so far in LA.
Had a few hiccups along the way but its all good now. jetstar changed our flight and only let us know by email - which I of course didnt check. Maddie called to check what terminal we were leaving from and they told her it was changed from 12 to 10, which we would have missed. So they changed our flight to 2. When we got tothe airport there was actually no room on the flight. Luckily we fit on a 1:30 flight.
Thrn when we went to check in at Sydney for our flightto Honolulu, they needed proofof ourflight home - which Maddie didnt have. I hadnt printed my flight out so I had to show her on my phone which was dodgy. Maddie had to buy a refundable ticket but she had put all her money onto hertravel card so i had to pay on my credit card. But anyway, crisis was averted and we got to Honolulu before we left due to the time difference.
We spent the first day lying on the beach and swimming, and thats pretty much what we did the whole time. Drank a LOT of margaritas, Im addicted.
Well Im currently in LA but cant be bothered writing anymore. Will write more when I get a chance.
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