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Californian Sun? None of that..

so LA rained for the whole 5 days we were there. Disnt do much exploring cos the places I wanted to see were kinda sun oriented like Santa Monica Pier and PCH and Stuff. I got a banana tattoo to pass the time while it rained. Its
pretty cool but healing really badly. We were staying up the end of Hollywood Boulevard and that was cool. We caught a bus for a tour of Beverly Hills and stuff and it turned out to be oh so cold and wet - in an open air van it was epic pain. Ended up being hilarious just whingeing about the pain. Made friends with a random Canadian who stole the table umbrella and proceeded to walk the entire boulevard, like 40 blocks. In the rain, with a 10 foot umbrella. Pretty goddamn funny.
We went to Disneyland and splashed about in the rain and rode the roller coaster. It was pretty darn cool but suuuper cold.
Well thats the LA chapter, Im gonna go back on
my way home from Mexico, stay at Nickhole's and spend the remaining cash I have. Hells yeah.
More updates soon.
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