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Californian Sun? None of that..   
12:42am 26/12/2010
mood: Bloated
so LA rained for the whole 5 days we were there. Disnt do much exploring cos the places I wanted to see were kinda sun oriented like Santa Monica Pier and PCH and Stuff. I got a banana tattoo to pass the time while it rained. Its
pretty cool but healing really badly. We were staying up the end of Hollywood Boulevard and that was cool. We caught a bus for a tour of Beverly Hills and stuff and it turned out to be oh so cold and wet - in an open air van it was epic pain. Ended up being hilarious just whingeing about the pain. Made friends with a random Canadian who stole the table umbrella and proceeded to walk the entire boulevard, like 40 blocks. In the rain, with a 10 foot umbrella. Pretty goddamn funny.
We went to Disneyland and splashed about in the rain and rode the roller coaster. It was pretty darn cool but suuuper cold.
Well thats the LA chapter, Im gonna go back on
my way home from Mexico, stay at Nickhole's and spend the remaining cash I have. Hells yeah.
More updates soon.
American journey   
10:19pm 18/12/2010
mood: lethargic
Soo almost 1 week down on the american tour. Going pretty goodso far. 3 days inHawaii and 3 days so far in LA.
Had a few hiccups along the way but its all good now. jetstar changed our flight and only let us know by email - which I of course didnt check. Maddie called to check what terminal we were leaving from and they told her it was changed from 12 to 10, which we would have missed. So they changed our flight to 2. When we got tothe airport there was actually no room on the flight. Luckily we fit on a 1:30 flight.
Thrn when we went to check in at Sydney for our flightto Honolulu, they needed proofof ourflight home - which Maddie didnt have. I hadnt printed my flight out so I had to show her on my phone which was dodgy. Maddie had to buy a refundable ticket but she had put all her money onto hertravel card so i had to pay on my credit card. But anyway, crisis was averted and we got to Honolulu before we left due to the time difference.
We spent the first day lying on the beach and swimming, and thats pretty much what we did the whole time. Drank a LOT of margaritas, Im addicted.
Well Im currently in LA but cant be bothered writing anymore. Will write more when I get a chance.
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cartoon seanie   
09:12pm 22/02/2010
mood: amused
epic fail at staying in on pete's birthday   
08:02am 28/11/2009
mood: awake
so, i havent been eating properly - or at all half the time cos work and drinking beer got in the way... So i burnt myself out and got tonsilitis hell bad. Worse than ive had in years. So, i plan to stay in on a friday night cos im working 9 hours saturday instead of the usual friday. But what do i do? Everyone comes over for pre drinks and i go out. Get drunk, little messy, drink like a fish worse than usual and miss my 3am curfew i swore to my conscience. Then i miss the last nightrider and im with pete and nic. Its 6am, pete fills like a dive off the pier. So i go along. Gah. Why do i hate sleeping so much lately?! Its amusing how i used to need it so bad and now i can go to work, half baked on five minutes sleep and still go out afterwards when before i couldnt even muster the energy to go pee after five hours and getting home at a regular time. I am a total mess machine and im loving it. But mums gonna yell at me and im gonna get sicker again. I am an idiot.
06:54pm 07/06/2009
mood: bored
so im in amsterdam and its raining and im frikkin broke. whoopee!! me and pete arent talking to each other, hahah, thank motherfuck for that. hes such a douchebag. whatevz. hanging to get to london so i have touristy things to do, theres hardly anything here i wanna look out and i dont wanna get loaded by myself. had some space cake on tuesday and was SO paranoid it was not good. i was freaking out on the tram, but was keeping it to myself. i thought these people were gonna kill me. NEVER AGAIN. went on a hunt for shrooms on wednesday, asked this young stoned dude in a smart shop and hes like "theyre illegal, but i can get you some under the table for 30 euros, come back in ten minutes." so we walk round the corner, go into another shop and you actually can buy them and they cost 17 euros. dodgy mofo. he was probably just gonna go round the corner, buy them and make a profit of our ignorant tourist asses. fuck that. anyway. they really really fucked us, but we hardly hallucinated. we sat and watched ducks building a nest for like an hour, then went to the rather pretty park and giggled at this really dork kid on a bike and the joggers and shit. so wasnt the same as melbourne mushies.
we got drunk thursday night but i got waaaay too drunk and couldnt walk so we came home. after some dodgy black dude with bad hair and a cane tried to sell us cocaine which was washing powder and that hit pete with his cane when we said it was shit. i got a bit upset, i wanted to kill the douchebag. woke up on my birthday hungover as fuck and feeling sorry for myself.. didnt do anything really except eat kfc and wish i was in melbourne, with people i like rather than an asshole brother who has nothing to say for himself except negative comments on my awesomeness. fuck you, peter, you have no personality and you are boring as fuck. cant wait to get away from him.
we leave amsterdam on tuesday and then im seeing alexis on wednesday and were going to stonehenge on friday i think. im gonna book the rock n roll tour where you go see places the beatles lived and some dead guys house and stuff, seems a good way to spend some time.
facebook is being a cunt and wont let me upload photos, which is what i was doing as a timewaster cos fuck im bored. i know, i know, im in an amazing foreign country where i wont get the chance to come back for like ten years, but you know what? im bored of looking at wonky houses and not being able to read anything. and most things are shut today. god im a whinger.
thanks for listening, until laterz,
the man, the myth, the maverick,
howard moon.
london - random ramblings   
10:40am 03/05/2009
  so weve been in london for a week. i love it. i wanna live here. its so pretty and old school and leafy and stuff. its rad. were off to norway at 6 in the morning tomorrow - ultra painful. had some crazy germans in our dorm and got drunk with them. was cool. got ripped off last night cos pete's an idiot. oh well. hope norway is cool. supposed to be there fora month but if its crap i will wanna bail straight away. go to amsterdam. were supposed to be going there for my bday oooh! went shopping and did lots of sight seeing - walked round for about 6 hours a day fucking killed the legs... got used to the tube pretty easy its not half as difficult as people say. thoguh its annoying having to catch 3 trains to places... miss having a dealer and my crew and my boy. schmeh. oh well.  
05:12pm 04/10/2008
  i wen to the zoo today with kenny and it was lovely fun!
so nice and sunny.
i need a nap.
well well well   
10:33am 11/09/2008
  so im blowing the dust off my livejournal. and updating whats happened in over a year..
so. i have the most beautiful boy ever. hes a retard. very special that one. haha. hesa called kenny and he rocks. hes 6 foot 2 so he makes me feel like a little kid cos he picks me up off the ground all the time. he makes me laugh. a lot. hes very silly. very rad. hes almost perfect for me!
life's pretty good. kinda boring, just going along well. i moved into my parents rather large new house in richmond to save money to go overseas. im going ok at the mo got 3 grand. which is more than ive ever saved in my life by about 3 times.
im getting my eyes lasered next week! holy shit. scary scary.
work is ok. my boss thinks im awesome which is cool. i dont really do that much except be an idit but everyone is rad to work with. i love my silly girls. and occasional boys.
well imwaiting for meredith tickets. hope i get some. doesnt look so good though..
09:51pm 08/09/2006
  is this it? am all i ever gonna do is wait for something good to happen? work towards stuff that never ends up happening or i change my mind anyway. damn. that sucks.  
wasted festival   
09:43am 05/09/2006
  wasted festival was so fucking awesome. saw ktee. shes a hunk. i just ran around harrassing random men. owen from slick 46 and brandon who i actually dont know who introduced me to him.. but those two werecool. dooz's wrestling man chuck was funny as. charter were brilliant. no idea were rad and i have videos of dooz being mental in the pit. it was cool. i love being a tool.  
im drunk   
08:32pm 26/08/2006
  im drunk.
and i won a backstreet boys tshirt on ebay.
old n new shit. boing boing   
01:08pm 21/08/2006

I AM: the emylie, shugar plum fairee grrl - - EMILY THE FERAL..
I WANT: to be happy and in love again - - PAYDAY TO HURRY UP
I HAVE: a fat belly - - FURRY TEETH
I WISH: that the world was a better place for tards like me- - THAT I WAS A PUB MOLE AGAIN
I HATE: people judging me by what comes out of my mouth and what my outer shell is... - - NOT BEING A PUB MOLE
I MISS: being in love, lots of sex - - BEING A PUB MOLE, MY DOOZA
I FEAR: being the same person in 2 years - - NEVER HAVING WHAT I WANT
I HEAR: placebo and the door slamming - - THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, MY BAD SINGING
I SEARCH: for a way to make my computer go faster - - FOR FUNNY THINGS
I WONDER: what actually makes you want to keep eating after you feel sick - - HOW I HAVEN'T DONE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO BODY AFTER DRINKING ALL THAT GOON
I REGRET: some things - - WASTING MY TIME
I LOVE: life at the moment. - - LITTLE DOOZA
I ACHE: for meaningful sex... - - FOR MORE SEX HAHAH
I ALWAYS: say the wrong thing - - SCARE PEOPLE WHEN IM HYPO
I AM NOT: a ditzy bitch! - - QUITE WHAT YOU EXPECTED
I DANCE: not enough!! i love it! go, kathy k, go! - - BADLY IN THE CAR
I SING: too much and out of tune - - NOT AS MUCH AS I USED TO
I CRY: over stupid things a lot... - - DITTO
I AM NOT ALWAYS: the happy, psycho person that everyone thinks. - - AS EMO AS I USED TO BE
I WRITE: songs that are crap, but make me feel better - - SCARY LOVE LETTERS THAT I DON’T GIVE TO HIM
I WIN: at nothing thats worthwhile - - ARGUMENTS
I LOSE: well, im a loser... - - MY MIND
I NEED: to get a life and a better body - - SOME CASH
I SHOULD: start yoga again, but its too cold - - GET MY ASS INTO GEAR INSTEAD OF SITTING ON IT

yes or no...
x. you keep a diary: i used to, but now LJ is my diary... - - SPORADICALLY
x. you like to cook: fried rice that tastes like shit - - TOAST
x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: mmm hmmm all the time – PROBABLY NOT.
x. you believe in love: indeed i do. a bit too much to be normal - - YEAH.

The weirdest person you know: myself. - - DOOZ
the Loudest Person you Know: me. shanti sometimes. claire! - - NOY. FUCKING G-FORCE
the Sexiest Person you Know: Jeff Stickland, Felix Banquesio, Chris Quinto. – AHAHAHA. I KISSED ALL THOSE BOYS! GO ME. DOOZ IS HOTTER THAN THEM ALL THOUGH
Your closest friend: Debbie cos ive known her for so long. I clash with nicole a lot but i love her and i tell her lots. - - MANA
the People that Knows the Most about you: Debbie, Nicole – MANA

What is...?
your most overused phrase on IM: hhahaha... or hey – DON’T USE IT ANYMORE
the last image/thought you go to sleep with: craig nicholls or robert harvey (from the music) - - DOOZ…
Inside joke: "ahhh wow, you were my first kiss" "youripadeez" - - AHAHAHA. I HAVE LOTS OF INSIDE JOKES WITH DOOZ

Do You...?
have a(any) crush(es): uh-huh! – MYSELF.
want to get married: hell no – SHIT YEAH. LAS VEGAS STYLE.
get motion sickness: when i have a hangover and i havent eaten... – NOT REALLY.
think you're a health freak: uh, yeh. does this belly look like im healthy? no. – CIGGIES AND COKE ARE GOOD FOR YOU
get along with your parents: not at all. – YEAH.
like thunderstorms: i hear the rain dripping all night in my caravan and cant get to sleep, so no... – YEAH, THEY MAKE ME LAUGH.
EYE COLOR: greenish - DITTO

COLOR: orange, pink - SAME
DAY: Friday - SAME
MONTH. December - SAME
SONG: at the mo its the ataris - boys of summer and sean paul - get busy!! such a teenybopper! – DEAR LOVER – SOCIAL D
FOOD: chippies - SAME
SEASON: summer, without a doubt. - SAME

CRIED? no, for a change – NO.
HELPED SOMEONE? I helped bridie with shopping.... – NOT REALLY
BOUGHT SOMETHING? yeah! my ball outfit! - CIGGIES
GONE TO THE MOVIES? nope i hardly ever go... someone take me!! - NOPE
GONE OUT FOR DINNER? nah, went out for lunch, though! - NO
SAID "I LOVE YOU"? yeah probly - YEH
TALKED TO AN EX? nah. not in 2 weeks – NOT IN…. A YEAR…
MISSED AN EX? yeah, a lot of the time. but i know i dont miss HIM.. i miss the feelings of being with him... hard to explain... – I SEEM TO BE THINKING ABOUT MITCH A BIT LATELY AGAIN… UH-OH.
MISSED SOMEONE? i always find someone to miss..!! – I WONT SEE MY BOY FOR A FEW DAYS :(
FOUGHT WITH A FRIEND? i dont think so... – IT'S ONLY EARLY

name 5 bands you listen to:
- the vines – COHEED & CAMBRIA
-the music – VELVET REVOLVER

name 7 things you hate:
- fake people - DITTO
- fake flowers - BARNEY
- people who pretend to not know whats going on - DITTO
- liars - DITTO
- lack of cash – DITTO DITTO DITTO
- my car at the moment.. – BEING SAD
mr bounce is here to stay   
12:34pm 21/08/2006
yep. thats the new boy. hes on my left arm, in all the jiggly brilliance. i got rob to do it and yeah it was cool to catch up with him and stuff. he tattooed lance the other week and said that lance squealed more than me. hhaha. i only squealed twice. it was pretty good, waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the last one on my ankle, i think thats the reason i waited so long to get another one. but i cant wait for my next one. im gonna have sleeves now, i decided. i think ill get a smurf next. hahaha. smurfette? perhaps. dunno. i got a few random things i want on there.. not working much this week which is kinda gay cos i want cash and i get bored... im trying to organise my ass and figure out what i need and get a real budget into gear for england next year. im thinking of fucking off in april. me and dooz would have been together for a year and a half, if were still together.. in 2 weeks i met him a year ago. woah thats crazy. hes pretty. i took him to deans marsh and he thought it was retarded as. which it is. we went to the shop and the skate park, woo mad shit.
just kickin back   
01:31pm 08/08/2006
mood: hyper
coheed and cambria are cute. im just farting round singing too loud and being a little snotty.. my belly hurts. im not gonna do journalism next year cos i decided 3 years is way too long for me to commit to. hehehe. i want this house i saw today. mm hmmm. im gonna fucking get it dude. nah. i doubt it. i wont ever get a fucking house. ill have to live in footscray with dooz and peanut and handie and get my ass pummelled in the wee hours of the morning. o yeah. i almost lost my ass virginity. hehe. fuck that hurt. hahahahahaha. the guy at centrelink cracked onto me again. hes weird as. i said i made 800 bucks and theyre still paying me. thats fucked up. but i kinda like it. hehehe. im going off the pill so i can be a dirty pub mole again and stop wigging out and being all hibernation cos ive been fucked since march and thats 5 months and thats more than half me and dale's relationship and i feel guilty that im the headcase and im fuckin round with his little puny mind. bah. i just wanna be maggotty and get annoyed when i have to leave pony at 7. hahaha.
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12:40pm 07/08/2006
  i hate trying to find houses. its crap. i dont want to live in a shoe box or pay $500 a week. ahrrgggg. hha. i looked at houses in colac just for a giggle and there is so many for so cheap like 150 for 3 bedrooms. hehe.


i feel warm and fuzzy today.
08:56pm 06/08/2006
  so i got a hotel room for me n dooz to chill on saturday night. it was pretty cute, we just hung out all maggotty and had so much sex im surprised im alive. hehehe. didnt know the ferret had it in him. hehehe.

mmm mmm mmm very delish. noy's ass..

handie is a stud muffin.

being all myspace and off my chops

dooz being all studly. note the pink undies on the bonnet hhehe

at our hotel, dooz climbed into the little hole thingie.. clever boy.

us being gay

maggot central. love em.

dooz's new fluoro pink-red hair. noice.
more piccies   
10:28pm 22/07/2006
this is the mouldy pizza i forgot was hidden next to my couch... pretty gross. it was there for 2 weeks i think... hehehehe

gettin some love

maggotted at the resignators and mr coffee at the espy last week

heheh. before or after the tequila??

pretty drunken piccie. i liked lights.

haha. what a trashbag. i love kara.

my old housee. bye bye!

this dude was passed out on the tram and me and mana kept laughing at him. his head was swinging round wildly every now and then. hahaha. he looks like he has no head.
the search is on   
04:13pm 10/07/2006
mood: curious
so im looking for a house and a car and im starting a new job so everthing's gonna be all freshness around here. except for the stale boyfriend. ah. he cut his mohawk again just as his hair was getting long. and he looks like a nazi again. im so unimpressed. so so unimpressed. just when he was getting pretty again. but i have to quit smoking when i move in with my parents again in-between houses. aaaaaaaaaah. i havent even started to quit its shit...
i got wasted with kara on friday which was funny as. shes a trashy little girl, we drank a whole goonbag between us without even noticing, but i was waaaaaaay fucked. and i went home pretty early, caught the last tram back to the city then walked home in the fucking torrential rain. which sucked but yeah... kara and snoph got kicked out of the espy hahhah. trashbags.
i love coming to my parents place to eat all their food. im gonna get all fat again. dammit.
piccies n shizen   
02:37pm 06/07/2006
  piccies from alice..

zayd n dooz being bumchums at pony

i didnt remember this photo being taken. im shitfaced, at cherry, being... me.

hehehe. yeah go the brown paper bag.
06:07pm 27/06/2006
  heres some pix and shit from the last couple o months. my 21st n shit.
im_hungryCollapse )
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