Ghetto Smurf (loudmouthtart) wrote,
Ghetto Smurf

london - random ramblings

so weve been in london for a week. i love it. i wanna live here. its so pretty and old school and leafy and stuff. its rad. were off to norway at 6 in the morning tomorrow - ultra painful. had some crazy germans in our dorm and got drunk with them. was cool. got ripped off last night cos pete's an idiot. oh well. hope norway is cool. supposed to be there fora month but if its crap i will wanna bail straight away. go to amsterdam. were supposed to be going there for my bday oooh! went shopping and did lots of sight seeing - walked round for about 6 hours a day fucking killed the legs... got used to the tube pretty easy its not half as difficult as people say. thoguh its annoying having to catch 3 trains to places... miss having a dealer and my crew and my boy. schmeh. oh well.
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