Ghetto Smurf (loudmouthtart) wrote,
Ghetto Smurf


so im in amsterdam and its raining and im frikkin broke. whoopee!! me and pete arent talking to each other, hahah, thank motherfuck for that. hes such a douchebag. whatevz. hanging to get to london so i have touristy things to do, theres hardly anything here i wanna look out and i dont wanna get loaded by myself. had some space cake on tuesday and was SO paranoid it was not good. i was freaking out on the tram, but was keeping it to myself. i thought these people were gonna kill me. NEVER AGAIN. went on a hunt for shrooms on wednesday, asked this young stoned dude in a smart shop and hes like "theyre illegal, but i can get you some under the table for 30 euros, come back in ten minutes." so we walk round the corner, go into another shop and you actually can buy them and they cost 17 euros. dodgy mofo. he was probably just gonna go round the corner, buy them and make a profit of our ignorant tourist asses. fuck that. anyway. they really really fucked us, but we hardly hallucinated. we sat and watched ducks building a nest for like an hour, then went to the rather pretty park and giggled at this really dork kid on a bike and the joggers and shit. so wasnt the same as melbourne mushies.
we got drunk thursday night but i got waaaay too drunk and couldnt walk so we came home. after some dodgy black dude with bad hair and a cane tried to sell us cocaine which was washing powder and that hit pete with his cane when we said it was shit. i got a bit upset, i wanted to kill the douchebag. woke up on my birthday hungover as fuck and feeling sorry for myself.. didnt do anything really except eat kfc and wish i was in melbourne, with people i like rather than an asshole brother who has nothing to say for himself except negative comments on my awesomeness. fuck you, peter, you have no personality and you are boring as fuck. cant wait to get away from him.
we leave amsterdam on tuesday and then im seeing alexis on wednesday and were going to stonehenge on friday i think. im gonna book the rock n roll tour where you go see places the beatles lived and some dead guys house and stuff, seems a good way to spend some time.
facebook is being a cunt and wont let me upload photos, which is what i was doing as a timewaster cos fuck im bored. i know, i know, im in an amazing foreign country where i wont get the chance to come back for like ten years, but you know what? im bored of looking at wonky houses and not being able to read anything. and most things are shut today. god im a whinger.
thanks for listening, until laterz,
the man, the myth, the maverick,
howard moon.
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