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epic fail at staying in on pete's birthday

so, i havent been eating properly - or at all half the time cos work and drinking beer got in the way... So i burnt myself out and got tonsilitis hell bad. Worse than ive had in years. So, i plan to stay in on a friday night cos im working 9 hours saturday instead of the usual friday. But what do i do? Everyone comes over for pre drinks and i go out. Get drunk, little messy, drink like a fish worse than usual and miss my 3am curfew i swore to my conscience. Then i miss the last nightrider and im with pete and nic. Its 6am, pete fills like a dive off the pier. So i go along. Gah. Why do i hate sleeping so much lately?! Its amusing how i used to need it so bad and now i can go to work, half baked on five minutes sleep and still go out afterwards when before i couldnt even muster the energy to go pee after five hours and getting home at a regular time. I am a total mess machine and im loving it. But mums gonna yell at me and im gonna get sicker again. I am an idiot.
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